Backpackers' Hostel, Marbella Spain.

Hostal del Pilar. The English Hostel offers budget accommodation in the sense of a cheap hotel. If you misspell acommodation as accomodation you will still reach this hostal in Marbella, Spain. Yes Europe is the destination for Espana. The French call it Espagne, and backpackers with their backpacking and need for budget accommodation will love the economico viajes in the travel business. For voyages in the Mediterranean or Mediterraneo, stretch your pension to bed and breakfast in our guesthouse by the mar oceano. Relaxation is to be found in the rooms and chambres at the international English bar for travellers and voyageurs. Of course it is amicale in Andalucia - and friendly and cheap - bon marche or barato, even. Our bed and breakfast could be bed & breakfast here on the Costa del Sol. It is a Albergue Juvenil at the auberge. Youth hostels are good for students or etudiants - even estudiantes. So for student accommodation come to our inn, bar and bistro, for it is jugendherberge and clean as can be in Southern Spain in the old town. In the US it is AYH and in the UK, YHA

Your Own House Keys

Daily and Weekly Rates

Generous Hostal Style Lodgings

World-Class Hospitality

English/Continental Breakfast

Backpackers Welcome

Come and Go As You Please

Relaxed Catering

Rooftop Sundeck

Log Fire (Yuletide)

Daily Rates from 15 EU
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